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Hank Brady is growing and we are now looking to hire technicans for installation and integration of base stations. The contract period is up to 5 years, if you have the correct skills for the job.

The job requires travel in Scandinavia.


Job Description/General

Responsible for assisting, implementing and supervising various work activities related to installation and implementation of equipment in 5G sites in a roll out project while adhering to the client’s specifications. Accommodation will be paid separately, including insurance.


Technical skills

  • 2+ years of telecom field tech experience
  •  2+ year of RBS/BTS installation experience
  •  LTE experience and certification a plus
  •  Troubleshooting experience a plus
  •  Familiarity with RF engineering aspects of cell site construction
  •  Flexibility to work varied shifts and oncall as needed
  •  Ability to travel
  •  Familiar with routers
  •  Able to read and understand schematic diagram
  •  Familiar with Basic Electrical wirings (AC and DC)
  •  Experience in cutover work  maintenance window work


Social skills

  • High level communication skills
  • Solutions oriented mind-set
  • Strong abilities to work under pressure 
  • Autonomous technical project management abilities 
  • Abilities to work and progress in a cross-functional environment 
  • Preferable equipment skills, Ericsson (not a requirement)


Max file size is 268 MB. CV document, reference letter of education, work experience etc.

The Brady Code of Conduct. – We believe in doin’ good!

The company encourages the principle of diversity at all levels within the Group, department and work areas. The company has a strong belief that diversity is something positive and that it can improve results.

No one should be discriminated against, because of gender, gender identity or expression, ethnic affiliation, religion or other beliefs, disability, sexual orientation or age. This principle applies both to how we treat our employees and consultants, from the procedure in the recruitment and employment process as well as the choice of partners. The principle should also be followed in external relationships with customers, consultants and suppliers.

The company has zero tolerance for sexual harassment, racist statements, degrading language or abusive behavior against an individual, group or minority, either in speech or in writing, directly or indirectly to a designated individual or group. The company views every employee and consultants as an important resource and is committed to maintaining its human capital within the company.

The company strives to raise the level of competence of its employees and consultants to take advantage of the individual’s full potential. Therefore, the company cares about the individual’s personal development by offering its employees and certain partners further training opportunities and opportunities to develop within the company and within their existing and future work tasks.

The company has zero tolerance when it comes to using drugs during working hours or in addition to its working hours during leisure time. This applies to all drugs that are classified by the Swedish Police Authority or EU laws and the Judiciary as illegal to possess, use or sell. Use of Alcohol or intoxication during working hours, during work execution or in close connection with work performance is not permitted. If the company suspects an individual violation of the policy on the use of drugs and alcohol, the company has the right to advertise drug alcohol tests on all employees and consultants, individual or group tests, during or alongside their working hours och contract. If employees or consultants violate the company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy, this can mean dismissal with immediate effect without pay and compensation. 

Everyone within the company, both employees and consultants, must behave correctly in contact with our business partners, customers and suppliers. Thus, neither bribery nor corruption is accepted by the company. Not accept gifts, payments or other benefits that may affect business decisions, provide benefits in business relationships or day-to-day operations, contrary to law, trade practice and custom or business practice.
Similarly, no one within the company should behave in the manner described in the paragraph above that customers, potential customers or representatives of these entities, in turn, risk being affected in their assessments and decisions.

The company strives to have satisfied customers. One way to achieve this is to always meet the customer’s needs. This is done through good communication, each individual and staff responsible for being attentive to the customers and handling customer cases properly. Employees are the company’s face to the outside and their behavior reflects the company’s values and it is therefore of utmost importance that the Code of Conduct with is values is followed.

The Board of HB Group